I spend much of my time thinking about security and listening to music. Yeah, a real party animal. I live with my two great cats in berkeley (CA), have a motorcycle but no car, a T-1 and a fair bit of pretty cool (& mostly red) wine and port. Check out either pre-millenium tension or the kinks are the village green preservation society if you want some really good music.

I used to have a home page that went into some detail about me and my thoughts, but I'm a bit too worn out for that right now (for a variety of reasons.)

On the work side, in case you're wondering, I'm a security researcher and consultant; I primarily like to think about things. I write software and papers, audit and analyze systems and sites, and give recommendations and reports on the status and potential vulnerabilities of organizations. I almost always refuse offers to give talks or classes, but might do it if it's interesting enough. However, wietse venema and I are giving free full-day classes from time to time; we're hoping to do our next one this year, in Java (the country). If you'd like to sponsor us, please let us know! If you simply want to attend, please don't ;-) We'll announce it when it's ready.

Some stuff I've done:

I'm a purdue guy, graduating from there with a bachelor's degree, and have worked for Sun Microsystems (who I just quit working for), CERT, and SGI over the years in addition to my consulting work.

T'care and enjoy...

-- d

writing poetry at 71 mph helps sometimes
on my way to work or going home
theres a calmness and clarity
why pavement looks so grey
and i wonder about those black skidmarks
did a husband go through the glass
or are they bird's shadows as they passed by
shadows -- i like the term
is a good word for how i feel
you know theres a kings ransom
of scrap metal going down this road
in jaguars alone
and little beetle-bugs
i try to go zen for a moment
but a honda cuts me off and i lose my cool
funny how problems fade
when youre angry
time melts away
on the freeway
funny how the roads so gray
and i still cant write
what im trying to say
mail to me